Pedestrian accident compensation

Teenager ran into road hit by car travelling within speed limit

A driver travelling below the speed limit can still be at fault As a basic principle if a car hits a pedestrian the driver of the car will be liable for the pedestrian’s injury. The pedestrian must also take care when crossing a road, and failure to take care will...

Pedestrian taking a risk pays in contributory negligence

There is a trend in Court decisions where a driver is found to blame, but the pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist involved is found partly to blame. That means they have contributed to their injury - contributory negligence. The theme in these cases is risk taking....

Pedestrians at risk from falling trees

The danger of falling trees and branches The danger from falling trees We look at trees as a benign benefit of nature, but when they fall the consequences can be awful. The law approaches fall trees or falling branches as it does most things, by saying those...

Pedestrian road accident

How careful must a driver be? Children playing in street – take extra care Where a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle the driver of the vehicle is usually to blame for failing to take reasonable care. As ever there are arguments of contributory negligence against the...

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