Accident at work compensation

Employers’ liability for personal injury at work

Employers’ liability Workplace accident claim The case of Vaile v Havering London Borough Council is a good example of a workplace accident claim. The decision is based on the law of negligence. Negligence is the failure to take reasonable care for those who may be...

Accident at work

How to avoid accidents and injury at work I started my career as a personal injury solicitor working for those who suffered personal injury at work. What is striking is that although the law has been changed to make the workplace safer, attitudes have not altered. A...

Workplace accident claim

Workplace accidents should be prevented Workplace accidents are avoidable, which means accidents at work should not happen. Compensation can be claimed for the consequences of a workplace accident. The workplace must be risk assessed to avoid accidents and injury at...

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You may need a trust to protect benefits and local authority care.

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