Motorcycle accident compensation

Motorcycle filtering past traffic queue

Ben was riding a Derbi GPR50 motorcycle on the A143 in the Great Barton area. In his direction traffic was queuing because of road works ahead. He decided to overtake the queue, but ran into the front of a coach emerging from a side road to his left. He did not see...

Contributory negligence examples

The concept of contributory negligence is based on a claimant being partly responsible for the damage. The clearest example is a car driver who does not wear a seat belt. Not wearing the seat belt does not cause the accident, but it contributes to the damage – the injury.

Motorcycle filtering through traffic

Motorcycle, scooter and moped filtering through and past traffic Filtering through traffic is one of the many advantages of riding a motorcycle, a scooter, or a moped. The downside is that it is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Drivers fail to see bikes at...

Third party capture

Third party capture Third party capture is the name given to a practice operated by some insurance companies after road traffic accidents. They know their own driver is at fault so the insurer will contact the innocent party direct, before that person has time to seek...

Motorcycle v U turning car

U turn causes motorcycle accident Jack was on his way home from work on his Kawasaki ZX9R motorcycle, his pride and joy. The bike at the time was renowned as the fastest bike on the road. He had been riding up hill on a dual carriageway and was just about to overtake...

Head injury – long term effect

Motorcyclist suffers head injury A motorcyclist suffered a catalogue of physical injuries, but most serious long term was a head injury. The rider was overtaking a tractor which turned right across him and then ran him over. By establishing the tractor did not...

Protect your compensation

Receiving interim or final compensation payment?

You may need a trust to protect benefits and local authority care.

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Is a personal injury trust taxed?

This information is written for those with bare trusts which hold personal injurycompensation. There are other types of trust for personal injury compensation,which are taxed differently. This solicitor practice only writes bare trusts, so wewill stick to those...

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