Personal injury trusts and how I will help you

Personal injury trusts – how I can help

My aim is to help you decide if a personal injury trust is right for you. I deal with most clients by telephone, email and letter and a meeting is rarely necessary. I will:

  • Help you decide if a trust for your compensation is right for you.
  • Agree a fixed fee so you know the cost – £480 including VAT – correct at September 2023.
  • Gather information and documents.
  • Prepare a trust deed.
  • Guide you through signature and witnessing of the deed.
  • Help and guide trustees to open a bank or building society account.
  • Give notice to the agencies handling your benefits claim.
  • Explain how the trust should operate.

You really have helped us as we had absolutely no idea what we had to do and you have not only made it easy but removed a very very large amount of worry and made us feel better and that things have been dealt with correctly.

I hope you will find me to be flexible, as I know you have other calls on your time. I am willing to talk out of office hours by prior arrangement, as I know many people can only be available in the evening or at weekends.

Once I have the information I need, I will send you a draft trust within a few days. Once agreed, I will send the trust document to you by post and, once signed and witnessed, your trustees can set up a current account for the trust with a bank or building society.

I will help and guide your trustees to set up an account for the trust. I cannot say I will open a bank account for you, as the process is not in my control. A bank will make its own decision, based on identity, address and credit checks.

As we set up the trust, I will provide lots of information. My aim is that you and your trustees will be able to manage your trust confidently.

To help you decide if a trust is necessary:

For help without obligation please call 01392 314086.

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Protect your compensation

Receiving interim or final compensation payment?

You may need a trust to protect benefits and local authority care.

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