This page will help you find relevant information regarding your accident or injury and if a trust is required.

Personal injury compensation

    Personal injury trusts

    This guide will help you decide if a personal injury trust is right for you.

    • What is a personal injury trust?
    • What are the next steps?
    • Living in Northern Ireland?
    • Living in Scotland? 

    Trustee role and responsibility

    For those asked to act as a trustee for a personal injury trust

    • What is a bare trust?
    • How many trustees are required?
    • Do I complete an annual tax return?
    • What are my responsibilities?
    • What about investments and taxes?

    Recent Articles

    Is a personal injury trust taxed?

    This information is written for those with bare trusts which hold personal injurycompensation. There are other types of trust for personal injury compensation,which are taxed differently. This solicitor practice only writes bare trusts, so wewill stick to those...

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