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Client reviews and thanks for my work

Cases are directed to me by  lawyers, satisfied clients and those who find my website helpful. Thank you very much to those who speak kindly of me.

The satisfaction in accident and injury compensation is helping people get back on their feet and get on with their lives. When setting up a personal injury trust it is good to see a client planning ahead.

It is great to receive a thank you and here are a some examples of thanks sent to Mark Thompson Law:

Thank you so much for all your help, support and advice. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks Dave (Personal injury trust January 2023)

Thank you for the smooth stress free set up of trust fund document. Much appreciated – Ruth (Personal injury trust December 2022).

Thanks so much for all your assistance with this matter – I know I was a bit scatterbrained sometimes and your grace and patience were appreciated – It’s been a pleasure – Stuart (Trust for accident compensation September 2022)

After sourcing the internet for reputable solicitors in regards to a Personal Injury Trust I decided to use Mark; and I’m glad I did. I have received outstanding service with quick responses that were detailed, clear and concise. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services. Jo (January 2022 – trust for personal injury accidnet compensation)

Thanks very much for your help and persistence. I wish I had known of your existence, experience and services years ago. I shall keep you in mind should I ever again need your help and will not hesitate in recommending your service to others. Wishing you luck for the future. Yours sincerely, Ray (November 2021 – personal injury trust for road traffic accident compensation)

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. The biggest compliment I can give you, is that everything about you, told me I can relax and trust you. Your calm demeanour, your experience, your accumulated knowledge, I can never thank you enough. Jody (Septmber 2021 – trust for compensation for accidnet at work)

Thank you for your extremely professional service, it really made setup of the trust very easy.
Will highly recommend you in the future.
Thank you
Ryan (August 2021 – Compensation protection trust following road traffic accident)

Thank you for your help; you have proven to be very considerate and easy to work with. My best regards, Chris (August 2021 – Personal injury trust for CICA compensation)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your work and advice in setting up the trust and explaining how it works. Your advice of how best to manage the trust and explain its legitimacy to others has been especially helpful and I am very grateful. Kind regards, Beth (August 2021 – Trust written for compensation for medical negligence)

I just want to express I really am grateful , I really am . All of this is so complicated for me, not very good at this sort of thing , as I said I get easily confused. So thank you .. Josh (July 2021 trust for personal injury compensation)

Once again, thank you for all your wonderful support and professionalism throughout this process. Best regards, M (July 2021 trust for criminal injuries compensation)

You have been a tremendous help and lifted a huge weight from me. Thank you. Vicky (trust for personal injury compensation following an accident June 2021)

Thank you so much for all your help. You have made the experience of setting up a Trust Fund so simple from start to finish. Something that was initially worrying me went so smoothly. You responded to all my questions (and there were many) and explained everything in simple terms. I am forever grateful to you for this. I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone.

Thanks again and all best wishes to you for a successful 2021.

Kind regards
Amanda  (trust for personal injury compensation January 2021)

Once again thank you for all your excellent advice and attention in this matter. I’m grateful – great service !

Regards, Andrew (trust for Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority compensation payment November 2020)

I appreciate all you have done to take me through this minefield. You made something that was very complicated seem so easy!

Kindest Regards,
Vincent. (trust for personal injury compensation August 2020)

Thank you so much for all of your help and the information you provided. This has been exceptional.

Many thanks again and kind regards,

Clive (August 2020 personal injury trust set up for medical negligence compensation)

Many thanks for all your advice and prompt responses – you have been a godsend!

Teresa, trustee of personal injury trust April 2020

Thank you for all your wonderful help and advice. I will highly recommend you if anyone needs your services in the future.

Warm regards

Helena (trust for compensation for clinical negligence December 2019)

I wanted to thank you for making the process really easy and stress free.

Kind Regards

Jackie (personal injury trust for road accident compensation December 2019)

Thanks again for your work and advice, you made a headache a breeze x (Jennifer – trust for CICA compensation December 2019)

I really appreciate how easy you have made this process.

Kind regards

Terri (Personal Injury Trust November 2019)

Thank you very much for your support Mark. Thank goodness for people like you!
Best wishes Joanna (Personal Injury Trust October 2019 for Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority payment)

Thank you so much for all your advice and help with my many questions concerning the workings and setting up of the Personal Injury Compensation Trust.

I will be honest, the past four and a half years have been a bit of a nightmare, I was pleased with the outcome of the court hearing but the compensation payment in itself had caused me much anxiety due to the fact that I am in receipt of certain means tested benefits, however your reassurance that my benefits are safe due to the compensation being held in Trust is very reassuring, also it’s good to know that you can still offer me assistance where my benefits are concerned.

Kind regards

Deborah (personal injury trust for compensation following a fall September 2019)

Thank you so much for your assistance. I would willingly recommend you to anyone else in my position. Regards Karen (July 2019 – personal injury trust for compensation following medical treatment)

I want to thank you very much for all your advice and patience throughout this procedure – you unhesitatingly answered all my queries and concerns and your support has been very appreciated throughout. Anna S (July 2019 – trust for compensation for accident)

Thank you for all your help and guidance. Having dealt with a number of solicitors over the past few years it is nice to find someone such as you who is quick responding and willing to use their knowledge to help their client. You have helped us at a difficult time and made a simple ending possible after 5 years of legal and medical complications. Sally (June 2019 – trust for compensation after medical negligence action).

Thank you so much for all your help and advice, and for making the process so easy and clear at a difficult time. Kind Regards. Julia (May 2019 from trustee of personal injury trust)

Thank you for all your hard work, very much appreciated, you made a confusing process a lot easier. Regards Jennifer(March 2019 personal injury trust)

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for helping me to set up the trust. I found all the information you sent to be most helpful and the documents clear and concise. From start to finish a very professional service which I am more than happy to recommend.
My very best regards
Christine (March 2019 trust for compensation from Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority)

Thank you for making the process as simple as possible.
Louise (March 2019 trust for personal injury compensation after an accident)

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the guidance you have given regarding a Bare Trust and the kindness, patience and understanding you have shown throughout the process.

Many thanks,

Sandra (Trust to protect personal injury compensation January 2019)

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know, my personal Injury’s trust account is now open with Barclays Bank.

Mark, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making this process to run so smoothly. Other companies I had spoke to before I contacted you, made out it was a difficult and long ordeal and that most banks do not understand PI trust fund accounts, with all that jargon was a price tag to match.

With the correct documents and trust deed, opening the account with Barclays went without a hitch, within 4 days of application the account was opened.

You do a brilliant job, one thing that stands out from others, is your fair price, so a big thank you.

(Trust for Karen to hold personal injury compensation December 2018)

I cannot express in words how excellent Mark was at assisting me with the setting up of a PI Trust. His approach was professional yet personal and I am so grateful for his ability to be consistent and comprehensive throughout the whole process. Mark really went above and beyond to provide me with a wealth of additional information needed to make decisions about the trust and trustees too. I felt the fees were very reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone in need of his services.

Review posted at www.reviewsolicitors.co.uk

(Trust for compensation for Nisha November 2018)

He made the process so simple and painless. He explained everything carefully and sorted out all queries and problems that arose.

He has also answered our follow up enquiries.

We cannot recommend Mark Thompson highly enough to anyone needing to set up a personal injury trust,

Thanks again, Mark,

Best wishes,


(Trusts for personal injury compensation to protect benefits October 2018)

Thank you for all your help in making what appeared to be a rather daunting task, an easier journey and for all the work, time and effort you’ve spent drawing up the trust deed on my behalf.

Nicola (trust for Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority payment January 2018)

Yet again I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and understanding service if I can be of any assistance or provide a testimonial I am really pleased to do so. You have been a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

Kris (trust for personal injury compensation December 2017)

Thank you for all your help you have been brilliant at explaining and answering all my questions to. Hope you have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Renee (trust for compensation from a personal injury)

I cannot thank you enough for making this process so straight forward. Please let me know if you would like me to leave reviews anywhere as I would like to highly recommend your services.

Having no knowledge of trust funds you made it all seem so easy and any doubts I had you dealt with everything professionally but without all the legal jargon!!

Thank you so so much

Kelly (trust prepared for mother’s personal injury compensation)

I will definitely write a review on your excellent service. Again you have been very helpful and I’m glad I made the right choice setting up a Trust through yourself, very much appreciated.

Michael (trust for personal injury compensation December 2017)

Thank you for making this an easy transaction for us to deal with. I would use your services whenever I need them and advise all my family and friends to do so.

Deborah (trust for payment from a disabling injuries insurance policy November 2017)

I must say that I have never received such a speedy, concise, friendly yet still totally professional service EVER from a Solicitor and at such a reasonable price! Thank you very much for that. It has been a total pleasure to do business with you and I will definitely be recommending you in the future.

Lorraine (trust for compensation from Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority September 2017)

You offer a fantastic service at an unbeatable price.

Thanks again.

Andy Dalloway (trust for personal injury compensation September 2017)

We would like start by saying thank you.

You really have helped us as we had absolutely no idea what we had to do and you have not only made it easy but removed a very very large amount of worry and made us feel better and that things have been dealt with correctly.

Calin and Estelle (trust for personal injury compensation protection August 2017)

Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for saving me so much money.

You are a God send….

Louise (trust for compensation July 2017 – rather pleased with my fee quotation compared to others)

Thank you for your tireless support, assistance and guidance with this.

I doubt I could have done it without you.

Personal injury trust prepared for Philip following accident in July 2016

I would like to thank you for all the help and advice and brilliant service you have provided.

Many thanks

Laura (personal injury trust July 2017)

..it’s been a pleasure to deal with yourself and won’t hesitate in coming to you for help again, much appreciated.

Stephen McNally (personal injury trust prepared June 2017)

Thank you again for your speedy help and support through the process.

Kate (trust prepared for compensation after accident in December 2013)

I would also wish on behalf of Jasmin and myself to express our extreme gratitude for the professional services you have provided for us. Thank you again and best wishes for the future. James

Jasmin (trust for protection of compensation November 2016)

I am so incredibly grateful for your sincerity. I cannot express how much that means to me in comparison with some of what I have been experiencing over the past few years. You have been such a ray of sunlight!! ‘Thank You’ for this information, please bear with me as we go through it and will come back to you shortly.

Thank you again.

Novlette (advice as to necessity for trust for personal injury compensation to protect personal injury compensation)

I am forever grateful for all your patience, help and support you have given me throughout this difficult period.

I have learnt so many things from you and from your website.

Arlette (trust for personal injury compensation after car accident July 2016)

Thank you so much for your patience and your excellent advice each time we phoned you. Finding your website was a great relief ……It is only because of the very high standard of free information on your website and your subsequent support that I am now in a position to be able to use the compensation to improve my quality of life.

Elizabeth (personal injury trust to protect compensation April 2016)

Thank you again for your help and advice.

I feel your web site should come as a compulsory addition to anyone receiving compensation and requiring a personal injury trust.

Yours sincerely

Benita (trust prepared to protect personal injury compensation March 2016)

Thank you again for all of your help and advice. With this you really did make what initially appeared a little complex quite straightforward!

Many Thanks.

Best Wishes

Dawn (trust prepared to protect compensation February 2016)

Thank you Mark for your direct and helpful advice and information over the telephone today. I had been immensely concerned about my situation and your calm manner and clear knowledge was hugely supportive. Thank you again, Michele (Personal injury trust September 2015)

Mark Thompson was very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and fantastically efficient. It was amazingly easy to contact Mark Thompson any time I had a query and he took the time and effort to explain all the ins and outs of the trust in depth, he was also the cheapest I found after much research and he also gave me the most thorough advice on the do’s and don’ts of the trust and I would most definitely use Mark Thompson again if the need ever arose again. Thank you Mark you’ve been a complete star and a genuine gentleman (Sue Weston 2 April 2015 on Legally Better)

Mark Thompson’s site attracted me above all others because much good advice was so freely given before even making contact. When speaking with him on the ‘phone, it was immediately evident that he is a gentleman of the highest order and he instilled my faith in him from the start. I am pleased to state that his service is first rate and I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Thompson Law to anyone who requires such a service- Julie (reviewed February 2015 at www.legallybetter.co.uk)

Thank you for completing the Personal Injury Trust Deed. You’ve made the whole process very easy and understandable. Any questions we had you answered in a clear and professional way. would highly recommend Mark. once again thank you. Janice (personal injury trust to protect compensation March 2015 at www.legallybetter.co.uk)

Mark Thompson was very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and fantastically efficient. It was amazingly easy to contact Mark Thompson any time I had a query and he took the time and effort to explain all the ins and outs of the trust in depth, he was also the cheapest I found after much research and he also gave me the most thorough advice on the do’s and don’ts of the trust and I most definitely use Mark Thompson again if the need ever rose again. Sue (Compensation protection trust April 2015 reviewed on www.legallybetter.co.uk)

Patience, understanding and clear explanation of questions raised. Caroline (personal injury trust March 2015 at www.legallybetter.co.uk)

Just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your help and guidance in setting up the Personal Injury Trust for us.

You have truly made what was at first sight a daunting task into something easier to deal with.

Kindest Regards

Chris (personal injury trust April 2015)

I am so impressed and thankful for your amazingly quick response.

With very best wishes

Alison T (personal injury trust February 2015)

Thank you for all your help. You provide a excellent service and will definitely recommend you to others

Kindest regards

Janice & Bernard (compensation protection by trust)

I would just like to say a massive thank you for all your help throughout the entire case. We are all very grateful to you for your approach and professionalism in every aspect.

I would like to wish you all the very best for the future. I must say, I’m afraid, that I hope that we will never need to use your services again. But that’s only because it would probably mean a family member enduring a misfortunate incident. But should the need ever arise you will always be my 1st call. Likewise if any friends or colleagues are in that position I would always recommend your excellent service.

Ian (father of injured infant injured at nursery)

Thank you for the time, patience and courtesy shown to me during the last few months, it is reassuring to know that there are still some conscientious people around.

Gail (compensation protection trust October 2014)

Thank you for your help and advice throughout the setting up of the trust – it’s been much appreciated and a pleasure deal with you.

Kind regards

Wayne (personal injury trust October 2014)

Thank you, your common sense approach has proved yet again that legal stuff doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time. Much appreciated!

Jane (trust for personal injury compensation September 2014)

….many thanks for all the advice you have given, your website has a vast amount of information which has been very very helpful in making me aware of what exactly trusts are and I wont hesitate in recommending anyone to you if they are in need of similar help.

Many Thanks

Gias (trust to protect compensation from means-test assessment for benefits September 2014)

…it just remains for me to say Thank you very much for your services and I would have no hesitation in using your services again or recommending you to others .

You have made what seemed to me to be an extra headache problem very straight forward simple and stress free which due to my disability I now need.” (Compensation protection trust July 2014 Ian Lawrie)

Thank you so very much for all your help Mark, you have been a brilliant support to Henry and myself and I’m not sure we would have managed this process without your expert help. (Personal Injury Trust Frances 6 June 2014)

Thank you so much for an over phone advice regarding buying a house in the name of the injury trust. I have been looking for a lawyer to explain to me that subject which proved a very difficult task. Fortunately at last I have found your website and got your professional advice (Jacek 14 May 2014)

I just want to let you know I’ve received the document.. Thank you so much for all the advice and guidance you gave me.. You have been a brilliant solicitor.. The advice of adding an additional trustee is very much appreciated and i am very grateful to you for that.. Kind Regards, Sarbjeet  (Compensation Protection Trust March 2013)

Personal Injury Trust Fund. I found Mark Thompson Law after extensive research and he was the best by far. Service was exceptional, help and advice in abundance and very reasonable fees. I am so grateful for all his help and advice. Truly 1st class. Donna McArdle (Personal injury trust January 2014 – Legally Better review)

Thank you for a brilliant service – you are very helpful – it will be a pleasure to deal with you again and highly recommend. Kind regards Adrian and Helen (Personal injury trust clients).

Personal Injury Trust Fund. Mark Thompson Law provided me with an excellent service throughout, if I needed advice at any time it was no problem to call. They were very helpful and had in depth knowledge. Great value for money and once again thank you for all your work. (Review on Legallybetter.co.uk)

Please accept our grateful thanks for your help and advice and prompt service. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who should need help in the future. Mr and Mrs Brooks trustees of personal injury trust August 2013

Acted for Ian’s son injured in an accident at a creche: Thanks once again for all your help with this case.  We are very grateful.  I hope not to require your services again in the future, but should the unfortunate happen then you’d be my 1st call.  Likewise I would always highly recommend your services to friends & family. All the best. Ian

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Thompson Law. I instructed this solicitor to create a bare trust deed for me. I have been most impressed with his efficient handling of the task and the level of professionalism adopted. The advice offered is top notch and delivered as clearly as possible. Very good value for money and competitive rates. Highly recommended!. Mr Hewson

Dear Mark. Just to say thank you for all your help in this matter. Without your efforts I would still be waiting for contact from XXXX, let alone payment! I won’t be recommending their services to anyone. As for yourself, well, what can I say? So grateful for the help so freely given, thank you. Yours sincerely, Terry Edmondson (road traffic accident complicated by involvement of an accident management company and valuation of a collector’s car) And:

Motor accident claim. Couldn’t fault service I received from Mark. Like a dog with a bone, he fought for a fair conclusion and won. Terry Edmondson, Saltash (Legally Better User)

“Excellent communication, honest and extremely professional, regardless of the geographical distance between us. Through a simple and painless process, Mark brought my case to a successful conclusion, which has most importantly given me peace of mind about my bicycle accident. I cannot fault his level of service and would go out of my way to recommend him to others.” Jonathan Bowles after cycling accident compensation case.

“Help and his understanding was excellent. It allowed me to get through the case knowing I had someone who understood what I was going though. The help I was given by Mark was priceless.” John O’Keife after successful accident at work employer liability compensation case.

“I am thankful to Mark Thompson Law. They are very Friendly and know the clients needs, and guide honestly.” J Shafqat

“Mark was fantastic, he made everything seem so straightforward and easy to understand. He was great on time scale too. Fantastic service and would highly recommend Mark Thompson Law to anyone.” Kelly Townsend (Legally Better User)

“Dear Mark,

Thank you for completing the Personal Injury Trust Deed for me and for all of your help. You’ve made the whole process seem very easy and straightforward.” Nathan from Milford Haven after preparation of Personal Injury Trust

“Hi Mark, I received the cheque on saturday and I am now waiting for it to clear. …………………I would like to say a big thank you for all the help and advice you have given me over the duration of my claim. I wish you all the best in the future.” (Abigail from Doncaster)

“I was advised to use Mark from my place of work after I had a motorcycle accident. Mark not only gave me the advice and knowledge of all the little details of my case but he gave me faith in my claim. Despite allegations from the other party involved Mark reassured me of the facts and confidence he had in his own abilities and negotiation skills. I would highly recommend Mark for any legal case as he is a pleasure to deal with. Thanks very much Mark” (Abigail from Plymouth)

“Mark Thompson took over my personal injury claim after I became disgruntled with the representation of the law firm recommended by my insurers. From day one the quality of service was in a different league and I could not speak too highly of this firm. Five star professionalism.” (Richard from Halifax)

“I was given the details of Mark by the MD of the company who caused my accident so I was initially sceptical. However on meeting Mark it soon became clear how professional he is. My case was a long one with a great deal of ground work needing to be done due to factors affecting the claim. Mark worked hard to ensure I received the best compensation deal he could manage. I am very grateful to him for his efforts and would waste no time in recommending him, or indeed; using him again myself.” (Luke from Exmouth, Devon)

“Mark was engaged whilst I was in hospital following a serious injury, and was able to keep on top of what proved to be a very difficult time in my life. Coming to terms with disability is hard enough, but when divorce and redundancy also get mixed in, your mental state gets towards breaking point. Thankfully Mark was able to smooth the way and resolve a settlement that has allowed me to sort through my various issues, and come out fighting afterwards. Thank you for a job well done.” (Steve from Poole, Dorset)

“I was involved in an accident and called my legal people who said they would refer me to a legal firm, I was called back within minutes by Mark Thompson who took all my details and the accident details, from there on it was all very easy as he kept me fully informed every step of the way. It was no effort and Mark really did care. He got a resolution to my case within 9 months and got me more compensation than was expected. I would recommend Mark Thompson without fail. Many thanks I can now get on with my life.” (Karl from Runcorn, Cheshire)

“I am so grateful to you for all your support and patience.” (Julia of Penzance, Cornwall)

“Dear Mark

Thank you very much for all your work on this case. I appreciate all you have done for me and am grateful for the free cover Your Key offer me. I hope I will not need your services again but at least if I do need someone I know where to get the best help.” (Sally from Portsmouth, Hampshire)

“……thank you very much for your help with this case you have been brilliant.” (Curtis of Plymouth, Devon)

“Excellent service! Mr Thompson took the time to understand my situation. I am very happy with the outcome. Would highly recommend” Review at www.legallybetter.com

“A tricky compensation case handled well to an excellent conclusion. The law is slow but Mark kept everything on the boil much to our advantage. We would happily use him again or point people in his direction with complete confidence.” Review at www.legallybetter.com

“I have had the worst three years of my life due to the death of my partner at work. Mr. Thompson was very understanding and helped me in more ways than he could ever imagine. I’m so grateful to him I would recommend him and his firm to anyone. Not only did he keep me well informed but also explained everything in detail when I did not understand he got me through a difficult time when in Coroner’s Court. All I can do is wish him all the luck in the world and hope he practices in law for a long time.” (Donna from Manchester)

“ You brought my case to a successful conclusion and the communication with myself was outstanding. I will be recommending your services to anyone with problems in the areas you cover.” (Nathan from Salisbury, Wiltshire)

“Hi Mark, I thank you for all your hard work on my behalf and I take your advice to accept the offer. Thank you again for all of your help” (Chris from Yeovil, Somerset)

“That sounds great Mark I am in your hands so if your think that is the way forward I agree with your plan. Sounds good.” (Andrew from St Austell, Cornwall)

“Thank you very much for all you have done for me, I appreciate it a lot. The cheque came at a very convenient time with all which is going on at the moment. I now just need to put it somewhere where I can’t spend it! Many thanks again.” (Ben from Plymouth, Devon)

You can read Google Reviews here.

I also have a listing on the legal comparison website, legallybetter.com, where clients are free to comment anonymously. Do please have a look.

65 thoughts on “What are clients saying about Mark Thompson Law”

  1. Excellent – a consummate professional!

    I found Mark Thompson using the Google search engine and he was the most reasonably priced solicitor offering a fixed fee for setting up a personal injury trust.

    However, for a fixed fee you get far more than expected – Mark not only explained the process of setting up the different types of trusts but he did so in layman terms.

    Mark was so obliging about waiting for payment of his fees that I was totally embarassed at his patience.

    I cannot express in words how professional, kind and empathetic that Mark Thompson is. I cannot recommend him highly enough – he is a welcome change in the legal profession from the ‘usual Scheisters’.

  2. Thank you Mark for your straightforward service when I was in receipt of a personal injury settlement. Mark was particularly knowledgeable with the set up in Northern Ireland and was very patient with any questions I had. All information was gathered together well.

    Many thanks, Zoe

  3. I contacted Mark after my case was settled and he provided an excellent, hassle free and straightforward service. I needed to set up a Personal Injury Trust and Mark guided me through the whole process and made me fully aware of the pitfalls and gotchas so I was in the best position possible to make my decisions. I only have praise for him and his team. He made a complex process straightforward.

  4. Thank you so much Mark for all of the help and support you gave me in setting up a Personal Injury Trust and Trust Bank Account. I am very, very grateful to have found an honest and expert lawyer, who does not charge exorbitant prices for his specialist legal services.

    I needed someone to set up a Personal Injury Trust for me and I knew nothing about how to do this until I stumbled across Mark Thompson on a Google search. Mark’s website is extremely comprehensive and informative in an easy to access way and his price for setting up a Trust was the most reasonable I had seen, but was it too good to be true? I was still a little hesitant, due to it being purely online and not knowing whether Mark was legitimate and was as good as his website would appear, so I actually did speak to him and after that, I immediately felt able to proceed.

    Well suffice to say, any expectations I had for Mark’s professional, legal services were totally exceeded. Mark, on all occasions, was friendly, polite and expertly knowledgeable. Any queries I ever had were dealt with promptly. I felt that I could always rely on Mark for help and advice.
    Mark is direct and plain speaking but I like that. He will not fuss you but he will metaphorically ‘hold your hand’ every step of the way if you need that, which I often found I did.

    Please, do not have any doubts about Mark Thompson Law and his specialist, legal services – I just can’t recommend him enough and I only wish I had found him at an earlier stage, as I would have preferred him to have made my personal injury claim, rather than the firm I had used. That really speaks for itself.

  5. Thank you so very much for all of your help and advice for setting up a PIT.
    We approached several companies but none seemed interested.
    Initially, we were slightly sceptical about using a remote service and dealing exclusively on line, but the process turned out to be very straight forward and you made it simple, by answering any questions that we had, promptly and efficiently.
    Highly recommended.

  6. Thanks very much Mark for all your expert assistance and advice in regards to setting up a trust fund. I was very impressed and reassured by how you kept me well informed and explained everything in a clear, concise way. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my friends.

  7. I am really happy with the service Mark has provided. He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and a great help throughout the process of setting up a personal injury trust. Highly recommended

  8. Very happy and appreciate all the great work that Mark Thompson has done with helping me open a Personal injury trust account and preparing the trust deed. I had a lot of questions but Mark helped out with all of them and anything I was unsure of, he explained in detail which was great.

  9. I would have no hesitation in giving Mark one hundred percent for his level of service. His response times are excellent. Once instructed he carried out the work of setting up a Personal Injury Trust Fund efficiently and quickly. His commitment to customer care was outstanding – he was extremely professional, yet friendly and offered an approachable service. Finally, when the Trust Deed was presented to the bank, the manager stated how clear and concise it was, in fact one of the best he had seen, as so often there is far too much jargon contained therein.

    Many thanks Mark.

  10. Thank you Mark for your clear and informative communication throughout. You made the process smooth from start to finish and a lot less hassle than I initially thought it would be. I would highly recommend Mark.

  11. Excellent service – From the onset Mr Thompson has been amicable, approachable and very thorough.

    Information was always conveyed in such a matter as to be firmly understood, all questions answered in a prompt and timely fashion.

    I would strongly recommend instructing MTLaw for setting up a Bare Trust.

    Assuming Mr Thompsons diligence to work is matched in other areas I would not hesitate to instruct him on other matters either.

  12. Excellent Service, Mark was very knowledgeable and helped me to set up my personal injury trust.The whole process was completed smoothly and efficiently.I received my paperwork from Mark very quickly and my account was set up at Barclays Bank.
    I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to set up a personal injury trust account.He offers a very competitive rate.
    He was very friendly and down to earth.

  13. I instructed and engaged mark in the process of setting up a personal injury trust in October 2020, from the initial contact and throughout the process everything was clearly explained emails and questions answered promptly easy to follow instructions and the feeling of someone by my side to help and guide me throughout to paying the very reasonable fee would highly recommend Excellent Service Barclays Bank helpful and specialist trust account department Mark thank you.

  14. Excellent service from a patient knowledgeable helpful man walked me through every step of the process stopped me making a mistake nothing was to much trouble and a very reasonable price thank you mark

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