Interim payment in personal injury claim

Interim payment in a personal injury case

An interim payment, is a payment on account of the compensation you are likely to receive in your claim for compensation.

After an accident, your earnings may be reduced or even stop. You may have to incur expenses to ensure recovery from injury, or to repair a damaged vehicle or property. Personal injury cases can take time and an interim payment could be the difference between feeling you have to accept a quick low settlement, because you are short of money and getting a proper compensation payment. If you have a good case for compensation after an accident, you should not be in this position.

You should not be forced to settle your case too cheaply because you are short of money as a result of an accident. The purpose of an interim payment is to level the playing fieldĀ  between you and the Defendant, often backed by an insurance company, who has caused your accident. Sometimes insurance companies will try to drag out a settlement to increase the financial pressure on you to accept a low offer. You should not be in this position and let us tell you how interim payments are meant to work.

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