Compensation recovery scheme – recoupment

Compensation recovery scheme

State recovery of benefits paid after accident or injury – recoupment of benefits

The State can recover benefits paid after accident or injury if the person injured brings a successful claim for compensation. Recovery is only possible if the compensation case is successful, as the Government cannot bring a separate action.

The benefits are recovered from the “compensator” which means the insurance company or Defendant who has to pay compensation. Let us explain how this works. Continue reading “Compensation recovery scheme – recoupment”

Politics of compensation

Politics of compensation

Newspaper headlines tell you of large compensation awards, fraudulent claims, or the rising cost of road accident claims to insurers. What you do not read is how organisations are reimbursed as a result of a compensation case being brought.

After a road accident the Government can recover up to £505  for accident and emergency treatment, and £620 per day  for inpatient treatment. The maximum recoverable is £37,100. An additional payment for ambulance call out is £159.   The money is only paid if the person treated by the NHS makes a successful claim. The payment is made by the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident or injury. Continue reading “Politics of compensation”