Fatal accident

Fatal accidents

“I have had the worse three years of my life due to the death of my partner at work. Mr. Thompson was very understanding and helped me in more ways than he could ever imagine. I’m so grateful to him I would recommend him and his firm to anyone. Not only did he keep me well informed but also explained every thing in detail when I did not understand he got me through a difficult time when in Coroner’s Court. All I can do is wish him all the luck in the world and hope he practices in law for a long time.”

A very kind recommendation from a client in Manchester. You can see what clients say.

A fatal accident caused by the fault of another can be compensated. The people entitled and how much compensation is due must be considered carefully. Most of the rules are set by Statute, and it is a shame the law has not kept up to date with social change. I hope there will be changes in the future which help all those left in difficult circumstances by a fatal accident.

The law set out below is current at July 2009. The law was different before, and may be different after, so use this page for information and contact us to weigh up your own circumstances. Continue reading “Fatal accident”