Personal injury trust for Northern Ireland

Personal injury trust for those with personal injury compensation in Northern Ireland

Those living in Northern Ireland can set up a trust for personal injury compensation. I can prepare the trust for you. All information on this website applies to those in Northern Ireland and to the UK generally.

There are some differences in the law and terminology between Northern Ireland and the UK generally, but this is not a problem. Scotland is more difficult, as not only the law, but the legal language, is different.

If you have received compensation from an accident or injury in Northern Ireland, or now live in Northern Ireland, a personal injury trust can be prepared for you at a fixed fee of £480 including VAT. You can see how I work here.

You will find an explanation of trusts for personal injury compensation and the benefit here.

Please feel free to call 01392 314086 for a chat (landline rate)– no cost or obligation.

Do I need a personal injury trust fund?

Author: Mark Thompson

Personal injury and accident specialist solicitor

4 thoughts on “Personal injury trust for Northern Ireland”

  1. Hi I have been advised to set up a P.I trust by my solicitor regarding a claim I have received but I have contacted all banks here in N.I and no one has these accounts for me to open any advice on where else to try

    1. Hi Sonya. The trust is created by a legal document, called a trust deed. Once you have the trust deed, the bank account can be set up. There i sno problem with banks in Northern Ireland, it is just you need the trust created with a deed before approaching banks.
      You can find an explanation of the process here.
      Once you are familiar with what is involved, please call me.

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