Fatal lift accident kills two

Fatal accident kills two

Two young men died in a lift shaft at a council owned block of flats.

After a fatal accident the facts unravelled as the Police, Health and Safety Executive, and Coroner made their investigations.

The two men were scuffling after a party, fell against a lift door which opened like a cat-flap, and they fell down 14 floors.

Mark Thompson acted for the partner and child of one of the two men.

Helping after such a tragic accident requires empathy and experience. It is not a time when you are thinking straight so an experienced solicitor is vital in a fatal accident compensation case.

There was no bereavement award in the case as the man was over 18 years and unmarried. A financial dependancy claim was possible as the couple had a child, and had been living together for more than two years “as husband and wife.”

Cases like this usually proceed slowly as the investigations of the police and Health and Safety Executive must take their course. The investigations could lead to criminal prosecution so those involved will not make a move until all is clear. Sometimes a Coroner will proceed with the Inquest before the outcome of any prosecution, but a Coroner will often wait for investigations and prosecutions to take their course. That is bad news for someone relying on a claim for compensation as two years can pass before the Inquest takes place. It is only after the Inquest that all evidence can be obtained.

This sad case was successful, and one I ran on a conditional fee agreement.

For more information about the calculation of compensation for fatal accidents please click here.

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Author: Mark Thompson

Personal injury and accident specialist solicitor

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