I want to change solicitor

Do you need to change your solicitor?

I want to change my solicitor is something you might be thinking, but is it possible and how do you go about it?

“Mark Thompson took over my personal injury claim after I became disgruntled with the representation of the law firm recommended by my insurers. From day one the quality of service was in a different league and I could not speak too highly of this firm. Five star professionalism.” You can see what clients say by clicking here.

I do take over cases from other solicitors. This does not mean the current solicitor is poor, it usually means you are not receiving the time and attention you deserve. Working with a solicitor is a personal experience, and it should be personal.

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I rarely find location a problem. My office is in Exeter but I have clients in Leeds, Southampton and Hayle in deepest Cornwall. You will not need to see me every five minutes, so it is time to dedicate to you and your case which is most important. When we need to meet I will travel to you.

Many people do not actually choose their solicitor. You may have been referred to solicitors  in return for a referral fee by your insurance company, your broker, or some other agency.

The most common problem I hear about is that clients are not happy with the way they are dealt with.

Solicitors are often set up to deal with high volumes of cases. They are heavily computerised, and sometimes give the impression of being a call centre, rather than your personal adviser. There are sound business reasons for handling cases in this way, but if your case needs a more personal approach, you are perfectly entitled to change solicitors.

You only have one chance to get things right, so best be sure the case is in safe hands.

As ever, please feel free to discuss your case with me without obligation.

Do not be concerned, as transferring papers between solicitors is not unusual. A solicitor might welcome the chance to transfer the file of a client falling outside their systematic approach, or will see transfer as preferable to handling a complaint.

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Author: Mark Thompson

Personal injury and accident specialist solicitor

2 thoughts on “I want to change solicitor”

  1. Dear Mr Thompson,
    I believe that the current solicitor has mishandled the claim of a client regarding his personal injuries as a result of road traffic accident, by not providing an interpreter/translator due to language barriers and is not only alleging the client of inconsistencies also putting him in breach of contract on “no win no fee basis.” The client is adamant that his statements are as best as he was able to understand and his reply was as best as he could communicate. As a result of this misunderstanding the client is now faced with a counter claim and has been given a notice to attend the court. Further more the solicitor at this stage, has written a risk assessment notice giving the 30% success chance, and is refusing to represent the client further, has also asked for £2000 in advance. In addition all fees for both sides would be come payable by the client in the event of loosing . Please let us know the options a s a p many thanks with kind regards.

    1. The first point is that where a counterclaim has been made against the Claimant, and the Claimant has an insurance policy which covers liability to third parties, that insurer must be contacted as quickly as possible. A counterclaim is where the Defendant brings an action against the Claimant, so both are suggesting the other is at fault. I am assuming the Claimant was a car driver so would hopefully have own insurance.
      On the general question I cannot give specific advice on the case as I have no information, but I can give you a few pointers:
      1. It is a solicitor’s duty to get proper instructions from a client. How were instructions obtained in this case, and was a language difficulty known about or should it have been obvious? Was the client actually seen to take a statement as so much is done by questionnaire or over the telephone?
      2. If there has been a misunderstanding the solicitor can explain this to the other side, but if a client’s version of events has changed then that is a serious problem.
      3. A conditional fee agreement places an obligation on the client whose instructions must be honest and accurate. Breaching that condition allows the solicitor to withdraw from the conditional fee agreement.
      4. Inconsistencies do arise, and usually become obvious when the other party puts forward their own case.
      5. Does the client have any form of legal expenses insurance? Such an insurer must be informed of any change in the prospects of success of the case, and the problem which has occurred seems to be one which must be reported.
      6. Remember the protection from legal costs offered by a conditional fee agreement is only for your own solicitors’ fee. The client is liable for own disbursements and the solicitor fees and disbursements of the other side, hence my question, does the client have any insurance to cover these legal costs?

      Talking is always a good idea so the solicitor should meet with the client to sort this out. Talking is usually better than defensive letters and making contractual points.

      Let me have some more information and I hope I can help.

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