Head / brain injury compensation 

Care and carers

Who cares for the carer? For all the best reasons we want to care when a family member is in need. My experience tells me that carers do not think about the toll the care regime takes on them. You have to be forced to stop and think, particularly because your...

Child head injury

Head injury and children I acted for a family, two of whom died in a road accident. A young girl was a rear seat passenger in the family car which was hit by a lorry. This case underlines how carefully we must check for an acquired brain injury in a child. The...

Child acquired head injury

Acquired head injury in children Head injuries in children are difficult personal injury compensation cases and require experience and expertise. At the outset of such a case much time and effort is spent on the child's medical, educational and financial needs. The...

Acquired brain injury

Brain injury There are many causes of brain injury. Acquired brain injury is a term which covers all situations in which brain injury has occurred since birth and includes injury from trauma/injury, as well as tumour, stroke, haemorrhage and encephalitis, as examples....

Foreign accent syndrome

Foreign accent syndrome as a result of acquired brain injury The media reported the rare case of Linda Walker whose Geordie accent had turned Jamaican after suffering a stroke. She was diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare neurological condition that is...

Head injury – long term effect

Motorcyclist suffers head injury A motorcyclist suffered a catalogue of physical injuries, but most serious long term was a head injury. The rider was overtaking a tractor which turned right across him and then ran him over. By establishing the tractor did not...

Protect your compensation

Receiving interim or final compensation payment?

You may need a trust to protect benefits and local authority care.

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Is a personal injury trust taxed?

This information is written for those with bare trusts which hold personal injurycompensation. There are other types of trust for personal injury compensation,which are taxed differently. This solicitor practice only writes bare trusts, so wewill stick to those...

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