Compensation – good thing?

Compensation – good or bad thing?

The need to seek compensation must be a bad thing, but the ability to recover it is a good thing.

Nobody wants to be injured, so nobody wants compensation. If something does go wrong, compensation can help put things right, but only financially.

The law of our country is not generous in the amounts it allows for compensation for injury.  The big awards you see in the newspapers are for people who require expensive care regimes or have lost lifetime earnings. They do not receive £3 million plus because their injury was awful, they receive it because they are young, have lost the ability to earn and will have to spend it on a care regime which allows some semblance of independence. The most serious injury is rarely worth more than £400,000, so any large award most of the money is for future expense. Compensation of £3 million might look like a lot of money, but it has to be used wisely over the lifetime of the injured person.

Our compensation system is vital, but once you understand how the system works, you would not exchange injury and compensation for an independent future without disability.

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