Child brain injury and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can make a real difference in acquired brain injury cases, particularly for child acquired brain injury.

If there is a clear case for compensation, rehabilitation can be provided through the Rehabilitation Code. The rehabilitation is paid for by the insurance company of the party to blame This works quite separately from the compensation case. The purpose is to concentrate on the best recovery from an injury at the earliest stage.

Attitudes vary about rehabilitation as some insurers do not think there is a benefit. Some solicitors are reluctant as they want to keep their cards close to their chests. My experience of rehabilitation tells me you should grab the opportunity. The best possible recovery is much more valuable than compensation.

For examples of what can be achieved with rehabilitation check out The Childrens’ Trust

Author: Mark Thompson

Personal injury and accident specialist solicitor

One thought on “Child brain injury and rehabilitation”

  1. Hi Mark

    Fully agree about need for rehabilitation following childhood ABI. For the large percentage of children and young people affected at the mild to moderate end of the scale, school will be their main rehabilitation. The difficulty is that those professionals providing the “rehab” have received no training or information about supporting the very different special educational needs of this group of children.

    We would always encourage the inclusion of training provision for the school team (teachers, heads of year, learning support assistants – even Educational Psychologists – if there is a claim then this provision should be included in calculations.

    See our web site for more info

    Child Brain Injury Trust

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