Child brain injury and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can make a real difference in acquired brain injury cases, particularly for child acquired brain injury.

If there is a clear case for compensation, rehabilitation can be provided through the Rehabilitation Code. The rehabilitation is paid for by the insurance company of the party to blame This works quite separately from the compensation case. The purpose is to concentrate on the best recovery from an injury at the earliest stage.

Attitudes vary about rehabilitation as some insurers do not think there is a benefit. Some solicitors are reluctant as they want to keep their cards close to their chests. My experience of rehabilitation tells me you should grab the opportunity. The best possible recovery is much more valuable than compensation.

For examples of what can be achieved with rehabilitation check out The Childrens’ Trust

Care and carers

Who cares for the carer?

For all the best reasons we want to care when a family member is in need.

My experience tells me that carers do not think about the toll the care regime takes on them. You have to be forced to stop and think, particularly because your relationship with the injured person is going to change. For instance, a wife who becomes a carer after a serious injury, may find the injured person is no longer the person they married. That is a tough message, but it has to be weighed up when looking at a care regime. Continue reading “Care and carers”

Child head injury

Head injury and children

I acted for a family, two of whom died in a road accident. A young girl was a rear seat passenger in the family car which was hit by a lorry.

This case underlines how carefully we must check for an acquired brain injury in a child. The tendency is to concentrate on the obvious physical injuries and survival. The surviving child seemed to be free of major injury. As time went on the acquired brain injury became more obvious and was illustrated by the instruction of appropriate experts. An acquired brain injury can often appear to have only subtle effects, but if your ability to remember and organize is affected, the consequences are going to be very serious. Continue reading “Child head injury”

Child acquired head injury

Acquired head injury in children

Head injuries in children are difficult personal injury compensation cases and require experience and expertise.

At the outset of such a case much time and effort is spend on the child’s medical, educational and financial needs. The support available varies depending on where you live, but if you do not know what help you are entitled to, where do you start.

Compensation is calculated on the difference the injury has made, we compare the before and after. The calculation is in terms of money, and the most significant areas are the cost of care, and earnings loss or reduction. Much easier to weigh up the consequences for someone injured in their thirties, whose career path is already decided. With a seriously injured child the presentation of the case requires experienced help. Continue reading “Child acquired head injury”

Tractor turns right across overtaking motorcyclist

Calculation of compensation an dcontributory negligence

A tractor turning right, without indicating, as a motorcyclist overtook had serious consequences.

The rider was knocked off his bike and then run over. Many fractures were suffered, together with a head injury. The accident brought to an end a promising military career and, in fact, the combination of the physical disability and the head injury, made future employment unlikely. Continue reading “Tractor turns right across overtaking motorcyclist”

Acquired brain injury

Brain injury

There are many causes of brain injury. Acquired brain injury is a term which covers all situations in which brain injury has occurred since birth and includes injury from trauma/injury, as well as tumour, stroke, haemorrhage and encephalitis, as examples.

This post deals with injury caused by accidents, sometimes called traumatic brain injury or just head injury. You might think the trauma has to be significant, but experience shows what looks like a minor event can cause an injury. Continue reading “Acquired brain injury”

Foreign accent syndrome

Foreign accent syndrome as a result of acquired brain injury

The media reported the rare case of Linda Walker whose Geordie accent had turned Jamaican after suffering a stroke.

She was diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare neurological condition that is caused by damage to the brain. Continue reading “Foreign accent syndrome”

Head injury – long term effect

Motorcyclist suffers head injury

A motorcyclist suffered a catalogue of physical injuries, but most serious long term was a head injury.

The rider was overtaking a tractor which turned right across him and then ran him over. By establishing the tractor did not indicate, Mark Thompson secured a compensation settlement in excess of £1 million for the motorcyclist.

The defence argued excessive speed – almost an automatic argument when a motorcyclist is involved,I am afraid. Continue reading “Head injury – long term effect”