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Cycling accidents are often caused by drivers not taking care for cyclist safety

Bradley Wiggins calls for law to wear cycle helmets

Olympic time trial gold medallist Bradley Wiggins wants cycling helmets to be made compulsory after a man was knocked down and killed by an official London Olympics 2012 bus just outside the stadium last night. The accident occurred just before … Continue reading

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Cyclist rides from pavement into car’s path

A 16 year old cyclist was riding along the pavement came into the road and was hit by a car travelling in the same direction. The accident occurred at about 8 p.m. The claimant had been to fetch his bicycle … Continue reading

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Cyclist jumps red light and wins compensation

Cyclist jumps a red traffic light and still wins compensation – but only just. An accident between a cyclist and a taxi car happened at a T-junction controlled by traffic lights. The taxi went across the junction on a green … Continue reading

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Cylcling helmets and compensation for cycle accidents

Cycling helmets When I act for a cyclist involved in an accident I always ask if a helmet was worn. The reason is that failure to wear a helmet can be used to reduce your compensation after a cycle accident. … Continue reading

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Wear a cycle helmet

Wear a cycle helmet If this short film by James Cracknell does not convince you to wear a cycle helmet, nothing will. Please watch and wear that helmet.

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