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Asbestos is the cause of diseases to those exposed in the workplace and in the general environment

Asbestos compensation can be won from a parent company

What if you worked for a company many years ago and were exposed to asbestos? You contract an asbestos related industrial disease and seek compensation. You then find the company you worked for no longer exists, and the insurance policy … Continue reading

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If you worked with asbestos keep a record

I recently met an old friend, David Carter, who remains a great friend and representative to all those who worked in the Devonport Royal Dockyard at Plymouth. He has long been an adviser to those who have suffered the consequences … Continue reading

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Mesothelioma – environmental risk of asbestos

How much asbestos exposure to prove mesothelioma compensation case? Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by asbestos. Unlike most asbestos related conditions such as pleural plaque, diffuse pleural plaque, and asbestosis, the cancer called mesothelioma can be caused without a good … Continue reading

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More confusion for asbestos victims

Who should pay for asbestos injury? Many headlines and reports were written about an asbestos decision made in The Court of Appeal on 8 October 2010. The case was called the employers’ liability “trigger litigation.” The issue was whether an … Continue reading

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Tracing insurance company – industrial disease

Tracing employers’ liability insurers The need to trace the employers’ liability insurer of a company arises when a personal injury claim is to be made based on employment many years ago. Cases involving asbestos exposure and industrial deafness are the … Continue reading

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Pleural plaques

Pleural plaques The inhalation of asbestos can cause disease in the lung tissues themselves and in the thin surface membranes that cover the lungs – the pleurae. Pleural plaques are discrete localised areas of fibrosis that typically affect the lining … Continue reading

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Recovering cost of hospice care in asbestos compensation case

DAMAGES — Personal injuries — Hospice care — Deceased contracting lung cancer from exposure to asbestos in course of employment with defendant — Deceased’s estate seeking damages against employer and including claims on behalf of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren — Claim including costs of care incurred by hospice in providing gratuitous palliative treatment to deceased — Whether recoverable Continue reading

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