More than compensation

Compensation should help you look forward

Personal injury lawyers tend to concentrate on compensation alone. This ignores the vital work to be done along the way to compensation, and beyond its receipt.

Rehabilitation is so important and is often paid for by the insurer of the party to blame. Getting an interim payment and the final compensation cheque are vital, but making sure it is used wisely is more important in the long term. I have the experience to provide this all important guidance and support.

The final payment is important but I see it is only part of my role. Personal injury compensation is not just a process or transaction, it is a task which requires understanding and experience.

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The media often criticise people who seek compensation. What the critics forget is you are not in this position by choice. Our law offers protection to those injured by others who have been careless or breached health and safety regulations. The only way to put this right is to seek compensation. The law aims to put you in the position you would have been had the accident not occurred. Compensation is necessary, it can certainly help, but who would willingly put themselves in such a position?

To help understand the breadth of what I can do, I will tell you about a client I will call John.

Example of head injury case I handled successfully

John was driving to work by car, and a lorry driving in the opposite direction crossed the central line hitting John’s car. The most serious injury was a head injury, an acquired brain injury, which left John unable to continue his work or look after his affairs.

John was hospitalised for two years, then in rehabilitation facilities for a further three. He now lives in his own house with a twenty four hour care team.

The case settled beyond £2 million, a sum designed to ensure life long care at the best standard available. I acted in the case, and have since been appointed by the Court of Protection as Deputy to look after John’s financial and care needs.

Dealing with the rehabilitation process, financial and care needs, as well as the client’s family provides a level of insight not normally available to a compensation solicitor. This experience gives me a greater understanding and empathy when dealing with your compensation case. Being involved in acquired brain injury cases like this means I know what it is like to be in the client’s shoes, and to deal with the pressures of long term disability and financial security.

I also assist compensated people by setting up Personal Injury Trusts. The main purpose of a Personal Injury Trust is to protect receipt of State benefits, or it may be that someone needs extra help and guidance with their compensation. These clients have benefited from my help as an experienced personal injury and compensation solicitor.

I do not provide financial advice, but will make sure you get it. I do provide experience and old fashioned common sense.

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