Your Key

Your Key is a trading style of Mark Thompson Law.

The Your Key trading style is used to allow Mark Thompson Law to offer a broader service than a traditional solicitor.

Your Key accident support and advice

Your Key is an accident support service which arranges the services necessary after an accident. These services include vehicle recovery, vehicle hire, vehicle repair, and compensation.

The Your Key service is free to join.

Those who join Your Key receive advice and accident support, with legal cover arranged only if needed. We saw that people insuring vehicles were being asked to pay far too much for legal cover. It is sold with every vehicle insurance policy, and its protection is limited to that one vehicle. The average cost is now beyond £25 for each vehicle you insure.

Your Key has a Web App to allow its members to make contact. Visit this link on any smartphone or tablet to view the App or use the QR code. Then pin the App to your home screen.YourKey AccidentCall web app

The cost of legal cover has increased over the last few years. This is because it is used to subsidise vehicle premiums. Comparison websites have driven down the cost of insurance premiums, but inevitably the cost of the extras, like legal cover, have increased.

Your Key is free as it relies on commissions available if services are provided after an accident. The insurance companies and brokers usually take these commissions as well as charging you a premium for legal cover on each vehicle.

Your Key can help in a broader way:

• Any accident – that means an accident on the road, an accident at work, or an accident during any other activity.

• Family members included, together with vehicle passengers and pillions.

• Membership of Your Key is renewed automatically each year – join once and no need to renew again.

Your Key has in place all the services you will need after an accident on a free call number, 08000 114 114.

What is legal expenses insurance or legal cover?

You are perfectly entitled to recover compensation for injury and losses suffered in an accident for which someone else is to blame. If your case is successful you can usually expect to recover your legal costs from the party found to blame.  If your compensation case goes wrong and you are ordered to pay legal costs the legal expenses insurance will pick up that bill. This used to be the position but in England and Wales for accident cases where you sign up with a solicitor after 1 April 2013 there are new rules.

These new rules introduced a new concept into our law called qualified one way costs shifting. The risk of a Claimant having to pay the legal costs of the opponent are significantly reduced to situations where you do not beat an offer on the question of fault or the amount of compensation, or your case is found to be totally without merit or fraudulent. Under the old law if you lost your case you paid the opponent’s costs, so there was a need to insure yourself against that risk. It can now make financial sense to arrange the cover you may need when you start a compensation rather than paying £25 plus per vehicle each and every year.

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