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  1. Howard Levitt says:

    Just read your article on Tracing Employers liability insurance.
    We are a small company which traded as builders / joiners throughout the 1950’s, 1960’s and 70’s and currently we have a claim against us for a deceased employee who died of Mesothelioma.The defendants Solicitors have traced one EL policy covering 1954-1961 (the deceased employment was from 1961-1972) but we have no record of any company insurance policies for the later period.Have you any suggestions on tracing companies policies as we are certain that they would have been in force (The only link I can find is to an Insurance Broker in 1966 but they are no longer trading)
    In absence of any proof of EL the Liabilities Company is seeking contributions to an out of Court settlement.
    Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly welcomed.
    Kind regards.

    • Mark Thompson says:

      If one employers’ liability insurer has been found it is likely the others should be found. Your solicitors will have access to the ELTO database. The database is not comprehensive as it has to be populated and inevitably has gaps.
      One thought is your broker was probably taken over rather than just stopped trading. Questions asked of those involved in the same business may bear fruit.

  2. Martin says:

    Hi, we will be receiving a personal injury compensation amount of £50k but we need to spend £16k on debts so would have £34k to put in trust. We have been advised by out solicitor to set up a trust through one of their other departments but their costs seem a bit excessive to set up (£500) and administration costs of £500 per year as long as we make no withdrawals, if we do withdraw any funds then admin costs will rise with each withdrawal. Both of these figure do not include VAT, the interest on the trust fund will not cover the costs to keep the trust fund open so we feel that our solicitors are trying to slowly steal our money from us as this trust fund will eventually diminish to nothing. We know that these people charge silly hourly rates but we really think that their annual charge for doing practically nothing if we do not withdraw any money from the trust fund is extremely excessive. Our question is, can you help us to set up a trust fund and at what cost ? and can we administer it ourselves? Regards, Martin.

    • Mark Thompson says:

      The first thing you should do is set up a trust and a separate account for the trustees and pay all compensation into that account. You can then pay off the debts from the trust account, the benefit being your expenditure from the trust account is not any business of the benefit agencies.
      I think you want a trust prepared for you without a professional trustee or ongoing expense. I will prepare that trust for you for a one-off fixed fee.

  3. S H says:

    Hi. I have got Personal Injury compensation and want to put it into the Trust bank account. But I can’t find the bank who can open a Trust account. Can you help me with this matter?

    • Mark Thompson says:

      You cannot just place compensation in a bank account as that does not create a trust.
      The first step is to have a document created to set up the trust. This document, or deed to give it the proper name, identifies the trustees and sets out how the trust will work. Once that document is signed you can take it a bank and most banks will know what to do.

  4. emmap says:

    Great to find a respected solicitor who deals with the side of motor law that we don’t. We only deal with the motoring offence itself, not the compensating and claims side of incidents

  5. samantha reid says:

    My son needs to set up a personal injury trust fund asap. He has received interim payments but we don’t know the full value of his claim, just that it’s,a high value claim.

    How quick can thus be done and what is the cost.

    Thank you

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