If you are unfortunate enough to have been in an accident or suffered industrial disease you must have:

 Advice from an experienced accident and injury compensation solicitor

 Your compensation case handled personally

 Rehabilitation arranged as quickly as possible

Sound guidance on your employment, insurance and available benefits

Support once compensation is paid

Personal injury trust to protect your compensation


mark thompson experienced accident and personal injury solicitor

Mark Thompson Law – Service

I am dedicated to providing you with the best legal advice and support. I provide advice personally and will only take on your case if I have the time to dedicate to you. If you need a solicitor, or already have a solicitor but are dissatisfied with your legal service and you are thinking about changing solicitor, consider how I can help you.

According to clients “easy to talk to” and “gives understandable advice.”

So please call 0330 2231708  or 01392 314086 – no cost or obligation.

Welcome to Mark Thompson Law, a personal injury specialist solicitor practice

Here you can find legal support covering all manner of personal injury and accident compensation claims. You will need time and empathy together with the expert advice to help you make a successful compensation claim. I aim to get you back to normal as quickly as possible. Help for  workplace accident claims, industrial disease, car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident and cycling accident claims.

Motorcycle Accident Solicitors

Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users who are often injured by motorists who did not see your bike approach. Allegations of speed, overtaking and filtering are made against those involved in motorcycle accidents. We have experience of these legal arguments and compensation cases after motorcycle accidents, so use our experience to help you. For more expert advice on motorcycle accidents please click here.

Car Accident Solicitors

Mark Thompson Law can help you if you are looking for car accident solicitors. Car accidents are of course commonplace events but the consequences are very serious. If you have been involved in a car accident you could be eligible to claim compensation if you have suffered personal injury as a result. Turn our experience of handling car accident cases to your advantage. For expert advice on car accidents please click here.

Pedestrian accident Solicitors

Pedestrians, particularly child pedestrians, must be the most vulnerable road users. The consequences of an accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian are often very serious. We understand these cases and the way the law tries to balance the responsibilities of the driver against the vulnerability of the pedestrian. The law will often side with the pedestrian as a driver has the extra responsibility of controlling what is really a hazardous object to the pedestrian. Do not judge your own pedestrian accident and let us use our expertise in pedestrian accidents to help you. For expert advice on pedestrian accidents please click here.

Cycling accident Solicitors

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident on a bicycle as a cyclist you should always seek advice about compensation. You might blame yourself for a bicycle accident or just take the knock and think yourself lucky. Drivers must take care to see cyclists as they are vulnerable on the road. So often when a cycling accident is properly analyzed the accident is the fault of a driver. An increasing risk for cyclists is the deteriorating surface of our roads. You may be entitled to compensation for your injury, loss of earnings and your expenses. For expert advice on bicycle accidents please click here.

Accident at Work Solicitors

If you or someone you know has suffered personal injury at work, Mark Thompson Law could help you make a workplace accident claim and gain invaluable compensation that you are legitimately entitled to. We are a firm with extensive experience in this area and particularly in cases where serious personal injury has been sustained in instances of industrial accidents, workplace accidents, and accidents at building and construction sites. Let us turn that experience to your advantage. For expert advice on accidents at work please click here.

Industrial Disease from Work Solicitors

If you or someone you know has suffered an industrial disease from their place of work, Mark Thompson Law can help you make an industrial disease claim and gain invaluable compensation. We are a firm with extensive experience in this area and particularly in cases of industrial diseases and occupational diseases such as those caused by asbestos exposure and industrial noise. For expert advice on industrial disease compensation claims please click here.


Discuss your case without cost or obligation on 0330 2231708 or 01392 314086 so please call now.


Mark Thompson Law is a solicitor practice authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, practice number 471045.

6 Responses to Home

  1. Ships says:

    Thank you Mark.

    If I want the trust to be able to give loans on the basis of receiving interest would you recommend the trust incorporates the second edition of the STEP guidance?

    And finally is it possible for the trust to make gift payments (such as wedding gifts) as per the request of the beneficiary? Can such a provision be made within a trust?

    Many thanks,


    • Mark Thompson says:

      I cannot help on the finer points of drafting a trust without having the complete picture available.
      A personal injury trust has one beneficiary, the compensated person. If the thought is to make loans and gifts to family members and friends then I would suggest the compensated person ought to be one of the trustees and one of the joint signatories for financial transactions of the trust. If the trust is managed in this way there should be no argument as to whether the trust is being operated for the benefit of the compensated person.

  2. Ships says:

    Hi Mark.

    Fantastic site and keep up the good work.

    I want to know:

    -Can loans be given to family members from a Personal Injury Trust? If yes, do there needs to be any particular form of documentation?

    -Can gifts in the form of cash be given from the PIT (for example £3k for daughters wedding)

    Many thanks,


    • Mark Thompson says:

      The powers of the trustee depend on the trust document. Trusts for personal injury compensation are not all the same. Many trusts these days incorporate the trustee powers set out in the STANDARD PROVISIONS OF THE SOCIETY OF TRUST AND ESTATE PRACTITIONERS. If these provisions are included in your trust take care to note if the first or second edition powers are included. These powers include the power to make unsecured loans, but the loan is being made by the trustees as an investment rather than a gift, so an agreement as to interest and repayment should be in writing and signed by all parties.
      As to gifts, the answer depends on the trust powers.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Hi I have been asked to go to a second medical why do I have to go for another medical thanks. I have received a interm payment will I end up with no compensation

    • Mark Thompson says:

      You may need a second medical report because the first was too early to give a prognosis – a clear description of what the future may hold in terms of your injury.
      It could be you and your solicitor do not accept the first opinion you obtained and want another report. The representatives of the other party may want their own medical opinion. One other reason may be you have a number of injuries which require more than one specialist to offer an opinion.
      An interim payment is a payment on account of the compensation which is finally awarded or agreed. If the final figure is less than the interim payment, or if you lose the case completely, then some or all of the interim payment will have to be repaid.
      If you have solicitors acting for you ask them the reason for a second medical and the risks.

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